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October 10, 2013

Life is terribly busy just now.  I’ve been preparing my application for tenure, I’m about to give a paper at a conference, and I’m trying to keep up with swimming three days a week, all of which, on top of regular teaching, is quite a drain on my time.  I’ll be back soon to post a little more, but this is to let you know I’m still here.



August 23, 2009

Just after we got back from Finland, my computer stopped working.  I took it to be repaired and the conclusion was that the latest Windows update included one file that was casing a conflict with my computer’s settings, a simple enough problem, but it took a long time to fix.  I just got the computer back a couple of days ago and I’m still working at restoring all my data, programs, and settings, which is why I haven’t had anything new to post here in a while.  I’ll have more of an update soon.

Comings and goings

July 28, 2009

I was just up in Maine for a few days to visit. When I got back here, out friends Miti and Stephen came to spend a couple days with us. We’re about to take off for Finland on vacation, and when we get back we’re going to Virginia for a few days with Kris. Later on in August we’re heading up to Maine again to attend my cousin’s wedding. Things are going to be busy for a while. I’ll report in when I can, but it will probably be September before I get back to even my usually sporadic standards of posting.

New beginnings

March 27, 2009

Welcome to Erik’s new journal.

The life that my wife and I share has changed enormously in the past year: two graduations, a new job, an interstate move, a new apartment, then a new house. My old journal never quite kept up with all of those changes, and now the webspace it used occupy is gone. So here I am starting again, another change and hopefully a new beginning.

Recent experience has taught me that trying to keep up a journal day by day as I used to do is no longer feasible with my new schedule, and so I will not try. I will try instead to use this new journal to track the larger movements of my life and the world around me and to share my thoughts on such random and generally pointless things as happen to enter my head or amuse me.