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New Restaurants in Town

November 25, 2017

Not long ago, if we wanted to go out to eat or get takeout in our town, we had a choice of six different pizza places. If we wanted anything else, we had to drive at least twenty minutes in one direction or another. Things have gotten much better since then.

A great new restaurant opened up a few years ago, serving an eclectic American/Asian fusion. We’ve become regulars there. Earlier this year, the former pizza place nearest us was replaced with really good fresh bagels. We like to stop in there sometimes when we’re walking back from the library after a morning visit.

Just a few days ago, another one of the former pizza joints reopened as a Mexican restaurant. We walked over last night to get take-out and see what they have to offer. They weren’t quite open yet when we came by, so we went strolling around town a bit and came back. We ordered our take out, went walking a little more, then got our food and came home to eat. The food was okay, nothing special. Their kitchen seemed to be running a little haphazardly and I don’t think they’ve worked out a smooth routine yet, so we’ll give them a little time to settle in and go back later to try them again. It’s probably not going to become a special favorite, but it is nice to have another option within easy walking distance.


Autumn Summary

November 12, 2017

Once again, I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a rundown of what’s been going on:

My classes have been keeping me busy this fall. I’m teaching two first-year seminars, which I enjoy teaching but which also take a lot more of my energy and time than my other classes. We’ve also had several incidents of racist graffiti on campus. I know that other universities have lately been dealing with much worse, but making time for my students to talk about these incidents has also been an added weight to carry.

I coordinated a conference for the Historical Association of which I was elected vice president last spring, which meant receiving all the paper proposals, organizing them into panels, and communicating with the presenters, attendees, and our local hosts in Connecticut. I’ll be doing the same for our spring conference in New Hampshire. I really enjoyed working on the conference, but it was another steady drain on my time and energy.

Last weekend I presented a paper at another conference, held at my university. I was talking about religion in the provinces of the Roman Empire, specifically Britain, and arguing that there was a deliberate attempt to accommodate not just different Roman and native religious traditions but different ways of combining those traditions. There was a good audience and I thoroughly enjoyed my presentation. I’m going to be reworking some of that material for another conference presentation next month in Edinburgh.

It’s hard to remember that it’s only been a couple of months since I submitted the final drafts of my book chapters. I suppose it’s no wonder that I feel worn out. I’m always tired and stretched thin by the end of the semester, but this fall feels heavier than usual. I am thinking about what changes I need to make in my work for the spring to give myself time to recover.