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In shock

November 13, 2016

Has it only been five days since Election Day? It feels like a month already. We’ve been sleeping poorly, crying, and generally numb with our fears about what the new president-elect is going to do to this country and the most vulnerable people in it. We know that we–well-off white people who live in a quiet country town in a solidly Democratic state–will be the most insulated from the worst consequences of the next four years, but we know that so many people are going to be much worse off and some of the damage will be irreparable. We’ve been watching the upsurge of hate crimes and racist violence in the news with a sick feeling of frustration and outrage. Through our social networks, we have already heard of people who have died.

I need to be a source of calm and comfort for my students. A lot of them are very upset and frightened by what has happened. That’s hard to do when I am so far from calm myself, but I’m doing the best I can because they need it.



November 8, 2016

This scary fellow was at our door to greet tick-or-treaters last week. Unfortunately, no one came. I don’t think they were scared off–we don’t usually get many on our dirt road in the woods, anyway.

161108jackSpeaking of scary, today is election day. We’re looking forward to a lovely sunny fall day, so our plan is to walk out to the polling place together after breakfast, spend the day trying not to freak out about how badly this could all go wrong, then watch the results in the evening. One way or another, this long terrible campaign season will be over soon.

Fall leaves

November 3, 2016

The fall leaves have been odd this year. Some trees have turned and dropped their leaves almost entirely while others are still quite green. Of course, 2016 has been such an odd year in so many ways that I suppose we can’t blame the trees from joining in.