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September 25, 2016

I’ve been doing so many adult things lately. I finished writing another chapter. That’s six down, seven to go, and I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

I also decided to enroll in the TSA pre-check system. Hopefully this will make traveling (especially traveling as a dark-haired, darkish-skinned man with an accent) a little easier.

Yesterday I presented at a small regional world history conference. That was a very nice experience. I got to see several of my colleagues from work and some old students as well. I was talking about the Baltic/Mediterranean amber routes and how various peoples at various times monopolized the amber trade to leverage their way into larger networks of trade. I was presenting with a couple of other people who were talking about the silk road, which made for an interesting set of presentations.

And I just had my birthday. Happy day to me! I made a cake, which came out pretty well, but something went wrong with the frosting and I think it made both E and me a little bit sick. Oh well. That just means I have to make another cake, right?


Last swim

September 3, 2016

I had my last swim in the pond today. The nights are getting cold and our pond is so shallow it cools down very fast in the fall. We’ve also been in a drought all summer long, which means the usually fairly mucky water is getting extremely mucky, made worse by the late-summer algae bloom. It’ll be the pool for me from now until next summer.

Classes start again next Wednesday, which is also the day we’re expecting the dregs of hurricane Hermine to blow through. That will be an interesting day.

In just a few days my first sabbatical will be over. It was a wonderful, productive experience and I’m going to miss the freedom and flexibility. I am excited to get back to teaching, which is my real love, but I’ll miss the days of just sitting in my office and writing all day long.