Outdoor adventures

We have three wild turkey hens who come poking around our back yard. Lately they’ve been having sand baths in my garden patch. They don’t seem to hurt the plants, but they do keep digging up my potatoes. I keep having to go out and pull or rebury them.

A few days ago we took a day trip out to western Massachusetts to visit our friends M + M at their summer cottage. We had a lovely lazy afternoon chatting, eating good food, and swimming in the local swimming hole. On our way home, though, we ran into every construction site in the state. It took us twice as long to get home as it did to get out there.

I was just pulling apart our stone steps from the driveway into the backyard to rebuild them since some of the steps have gotten a little off kilter. I disturbed a hornets’ nest and got stung on both legs and in the face. Ugh. Not at all fun. That project will have to wait.


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