Covering the strawberries

Last year I got some strawberry plants from our local garden store that were deeply discounted because the blooms and berries had mostly gone by. I planted them anyway, but the few late berries they produced disappeared in the night. I don’t mind sharing a little with the local chipmunks and rabbits, but I was hoping to get at least a few berries for myself.

Well, this year the strawberry plants are just bursting with flowers, so I wanted to protect them from foraging. I banged together a couple of frames (sort of like running hurdles), set one on either side of the strawberry patch, and strung netting over them. Hopefully that keeps the critters out.

A simple solution to keep the strawberries covered

A simple solution to keep the strawberries covered

In other garden news, the potatoes I planted last month are flourishing. The tomatoes and carrots are starting to put their heads up, too. The cucumbers have yet to put in an appearance. It looks like an off year for the blueberries, though. The raspberries are as vigorous as always. I was a little late getting to spraying the fruit trees and one of the pears has been just stripped. We might get some cherries this summer, though, which would be a nice little treat.

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