The workmen have been and gone. It took two weeks to get everything done and it’s been a strain dealing with the work, but it was worth having it done and the results are very good.

They finally figured out why our walls have been cracking: one internal wall wasn’t properly supported, just sitting on the plywood subfloor. The staircase wasn’t properly supported either. They had to pour a new concrete footing in the basement and install a support column and install a support post in the wall next to the staircase. It was a big job, but hopefully that will fix things and our house won’t fall down around our ears. The back door turned out to be less of a problem than we had been expecting, but it’s good to have had that checked out.

It’s becoming clear that the builder who built this house cut a lot of corners, but we’re both pretty stunned that neither the town’s inspector nor the inspector that we brought in when we were buying the house noted any of these things. One of our friends suggested there’s probably a cousin Vinny (or cousin O’Malley) involved somewhere, which as good an explanation as anything we can come up with.


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