Tree in our driveway

We had just finished shoveling out the driveway last night when we heard a great crack from across the road and looked over just in time to see half an oak tree split away and come crashing across the road right into our driveway. If it had fallen five minutes earlier, it would have landed right on top of me. It tore down power and phone lines as it fell, although, luckily for us, it fell past our connection and we didn’t lose anything.

The tree

The tree

I called it in and the town workers were out very quickly to clear the road and take care of the electric line, but they left us with a tree and a tangle of phone lines in our driveway, so this morning E and I went out with our saw and loppers and hacked up the tree.

At work hauling limbs and branches

At work hauling limbs and branches

We salvaged what we could for firewood, broke the rest into manageable pieces and hauled it to a brush pile in the woods. It was a dirty, sweaty, four-hour job, but we got it done. Team J (Massachusetts division) does it again!



... After

… After


2 Responses to “Tree in our driveway”

  1. habilis Says:

    Give it a year to dry. Oak is GREAT firewood!

  2. TimoE Says:

    Almost like in Finland :).

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