No shoveling

The weekend before last we were at Arisia, a fantasy/sci-fi convention in Boston that we’ve been to before. We both had a pretty good time. There were lots of things to do. Last year we focused on a lot of panel discussions about writing. (Most of the programming at the con is panel discussions on various topics, but there’s also music, dancing, theatrical performances, and other events.) This year, we both wanted to branch out and sample some of the other things on offer.

I went to see a play based on the premise of Holmes and Watson as women. It had some interesting ideas, but sadly it didn’t quite live up to my hopes (and some of the cast were really not up to the demands of the script). I also went to a sea chantey sing-along, which was delightful. I learned lots of new songs that I’ve been humming ever since. (I enjoy singing, but I’m not good at it, so sea chanteys are perfect for me, since they’re songs meant to be sung be people who aren’t good at singing.) We looked in at a zombie-themed regency ball together and went to an excellent demonstration of historical sword-fighting. We also went to a lot of interesting panels, either separately or together. We ended up spending about half of our days together and half in different places, which gave us plenty to talk about when we got back together.

A huge blizzard just whammed the east coast. Everywhere from New York and Virginia got hit hard. Early forecasts had the storm hitting us, too, but as it turned out the storm tracked south of us and we barely got an inch out of it. It’s a great relief, although our friends and family farther south are having a rough time of it and we send them all our sympathy.

I’ve been sick for the past several days, not as bad as the flu, but a persistent cold. I was able to keep working through it every day. I seem to be on the upswing now. I still have a sniffly nose and sore throat and I’m moving a little slower than usual, but otherwise I’m managing.


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