Thanksgiving in the South

My officemate is on a two-year fellowship in Tennessee and her husband has just started a teaching job in Alabama, so we’ve been missing them lately. When they invited us to come down for Thanksgiving, we were excited to see them again. After considering flying down to visit with the inevitable delays, crowded airports, and security indignities, we decided to drive instead. Our Ohio tip in the summer has made us pretty confident about our road-tripping ability and we looked forward to being in control of our own transportation.

It was a long trip, but it went well. On our first day we made it from home to northern Virginia in ten hours. He next day we drove down through the beautiful Shenandoah valley and made it, after twelve hours on the road, to Florence, Alabama.

We spent a couple of relaxing days with our friends seeing the local sights and eating good food. We all worked together to make Thanksgiving dinner. It was a lovely time. The temperatures were up around 70 F, which was a wonderful change from the cold grayvember days we’ve been having at home.

We had been planning on staying with our friends, but despite their best efforts at cleaning and our best allergy meds, it turned out that their three dogs and a cat were just too much for us, so we got a hotel room nearby. When we were able to sleep comfortably away from the animals, we were able to enjoy our time with them much more.

Our trip home went well, too, even though our second day of travel brought us home into greater-Boston-rush-hour traffic. I’ll be happy not to spend much time in the car for the nest few weeks, but I’m glad we went.


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