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Air Conditioning

November 21, 2015

After last summer, we finally decided we’d had enough. We have paid our dues and established our rugged Yankee/Scandinavian bona fides; time to be comfortable. We now have full-house air conditioning.

Our brand new air conditioning compressors

Our brand new air conditioning compressors

The installation was a big process that took two days, but we have two compressors now out front, one for the first floor and one for the second. They’re a bit unsightly, so we would have put them on the side or back of the house, but there was no place away from exhaust vents and safe from icefalls where they could go. They’ll just sit quietly through the rest of fall, winter, and spring, but next summer we will be able to enjoy a comfortable home, even on the hottest days.


The Future of the Town

November 14, 2015

Last weekend we went to a “visioning” session to discuss the future development of the town. It was held at the brand new elementary school (which it was nice to get a chance to see) and drew about 30 people. We were not quite the youngest people there, but pretty close. There were facilitators who led us through a series of exercises and discussions to try to elicit input about the town’s strengths and challenges and who kind of changes we want to see in the next twenty years. It was a lot like a small-form town meeting. There were the usual annoyances: old grievances being played out, schisms between different populations and generations laid bare, everybody shilling for their own pet causes. But there were also the good things: getting to hear from people we don’t normally have contact with, meet some new neighbors, and hear different perspectives on common concerns. In the end, we seemed to arrive at a depressingly circular conclusion: we need more small businesses to thrive downtown, but that will require a big overhaul of the town’s water a sewage systems, which we can only pay for by expanding the commercial tax base, which can only happen if more small businesses move in downtown. If nothing else, at least I think the select board has a clearer picture now of what problems they have to try to solve.