House work

The big project of the past month has been getting some workmen in to do a bunch of jobs on our house. We’ve been building up the list for years now of things that should be done but we can’t or don’t want to do ourselves. The ice dams and leaking that we got this past winter were the final straw.

We found a good local outfit earlier in the year and got an estimate, but then it was difficult scheduling a time for the work. They had a previous job that was supposed to be three days and ended up taking a month. But in the end they did come and the work got done and done very well. They patched and painted the walls and ceilings, painted our basement floors and walls, replaced two of our toilets, and a handful of other jobs. We expect to get them back in a month or so to put some gutters at the back where we’ve had water problems for as long as we’ve been living in the house.

It’s great to finally have those things taken care of.


One Response to “House work”

  1. Lii Says:

    Wonderful to hear it’s done. So happy for you both!

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