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June and July update

July 22, 2015

We’ve been busy in the past month. Here’s the highlights.

We took a road trip to Ohio to visit our friends M and S. M has been teaching at a university in Ohio on a temporary basis for the past two years, but she has just gotten hired to a full-time tenure-track position at the same university and we are thrilled for her. We took two days to drive there, spent a long weekend, and then two days of driving back. While there we thoroughly enjoyed the company of two friends we don’t get to see enough of, including going with them to a couple of open houses, since, now that M has a permanent position, they’re looking for a place to settle down. There was, of course, plenty of good food, and we also got to spend time with the very sweet kitty that they are cat-sitting.

Not long after getting back from Ohio, I went up to Maine to spend a few days with family. It was a lovely, relaxing stay. Kris and I went for a kayak up the Tenney River to Crescent Lake, something I haven’t done in years. I had lots of good time in the water, and also got a good chunk of work done outlining my book.

Now, back at home, E and I are getting ready for a big project. We’re having a local handyman come in to do some repairs on the house and help us deal with a persistent leaking problem. We’ve been very busy for a few days getting ready. We cleaned up the entire basement and garage (for the first time in six years), moved furniture out of the way, and been out buying supplies. It’s a big operation, but there are things that need doing.

My garden is coming along beautifully. I have tomato vines bursting with little green tomatoes, lots of tiny cucumbers, and a patch of potatoes with the first plants almost ready to pull. The raspberries have been outdoing themselves this summer; we’ve been out picking nearly every day for a week and eating them by the handful. My one melon plant is putting out flowers and we’ll see if anything comes of that.

We just endured a heat wave and are happy to have some cooler weather.