We had a lovely juhannus, the Finnish midsummer holiday, on Saturday. In the morning we went to a local farm to pick strawberries. There are a number of farms in this area that offer strawberry picking and we’ve been to several, but we haven’t been to this one before. It was in a beautiful location and we had wonderful clear weather. The strawberries were small and sweet. We picked four quarts pretty quickly and had a wonderful time doing it.

Back at home, after lunch, I set up the grill for the first time this summer. I had some sausages, some vegetables, and some potatoes to try on the grill. The first batch of potatoes got burnt, but after that I tried again and got reasonably good results. The sausages and vegetables came out well. E made a mousse of strawberries, rice and whipped cream. We had a delicious dinner and dessert together, then had a sauna. Afterwards we settled in to watch some of our favorite tv shows. It was a wonderful, relaxing day.

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