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Protecting the sprouts

May 25, 2015

Someone nibbled on the tomato seedlings I planted. Not sure if it was a deer or a rabbit or some other critter, but I built a make-shift box around the patch to keep things safe. Hopefully some of the damaged plants can recover.

To keep the critters away

To keep the critters away

I just came back from my first swim in the pond. It’s still quite cold. I didn’t even make it halfway down the pond before turning back. It’s also incredibly low. After all the snow we got this past winter I was expecting water levels to be higher.



May 16, 2015

Seed potatoes waiting to be planted.

I planted potatoes today.  I had a larger load of seed potatoes than expected and wasn’t sure they would all fit in the plot I wanted to plant them in, but they all fit in two rows.  I gather they may not grow very big if they’re crowded together, but I’m fine with growing small potatoes.

This spring I have planted potatoes, cucumbers, melons, and some tomato seedlings I got from my mother.  So far, none of the seed plantings have emerged, but it’s early days yet.

Town meeting

May 5, 2015

I went to the spring town meeting last night. It went on a long time and even though there weren’t any major issues on the warrant, there was the usual small-town politics on display. The most amusing (in an ironic way) part of the night was all the stingy old codgers who were so set against spending money on a new school a couple of years ago and are now righteously insistent on spending money to build a senior center in the now mostly vacant old school building.

Almost done

May 3, 2015

I have had my last undergraduate classes of the spring; just one grad class left to go. I have graded everything but the final exams, which will come in next week. I have two meetings still to go to before the year is over, but the end is very nearly here. It’s a strange experience to have free time, especially after this winter where everything else had to be fit in around the snow shoveling.

On Friday evening my office-mate and her husband came up to join us and we walked out together to our local favorite place for dinner. It was a great way to celebrate and relax.

We had a few weeks of cooler weather, but now it’s turning really warm. The trees are just fit to burst out in leaves and the grass is starting to grow again. I’m getting ready to start things in the garden.