Long day

The best thing about my day yesterday was a meeting. That should say something about my day.

I started off by going to swim for the first time in two months. Since mid-January I’ve been getting all of my exercise from shoveling snow, but since the winter finally seems to be over, that’s done with. Unfortunately, my swimming mp3 player had run out of battery and I hadn’t realized to recharge it, so I had nothing to distract me while I swam. It was still nice to be swimming, but my muscles have gotten out of practice and it’s going to take some time to get used to that action again.

I drove down to campus after swimming for a department meeting. We’ve had a lot of difficult meetings lately, but it seems that we’ve worked through the worst of our problems. Today’s meeting was rather productive and cordial.

When I got home, there was lovely sunshine, so I went out to work on clearing ice out of the driveway. E had planned to go shopping, but her car wouldn’t start, so she was getting under the hood to check some things out. While she was working on that, she noticed that water was leaking into one side of the garage, so we spent the next couple of hours trying to solve that problem. First we had to get stuff out of the way, then hunt for the leak. We had no good bailers on hand for scooping up the water, so we ended up using old orange juice cartons. Once we had things more or less under control, E patched the leak with cement on the inside while I went outside to wade through the snow, crawl under the deck, and break up the ice dam that was feeding the leak.

That left us cold and exhausted, so we had a sauna and an easy dinner out of the freezer and settled on the sofa for the rest of the night.

This winter can kiss my snowballs.

One Response to “Long day”

  1. habilis Says:

    That goes double for me! Er, I mean . . . well, anyway, we’ll tell you about OUR frustrating leak some time.

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