A few good things

A few good things from the past could of weeks, despite the snow.

I gave a talk to some middle school kids early in the semester about Roman archaeology in Scotland. Its’ a gig I’ve done before in previous years and it’s always been fun. Last week the school sent me a lovely box of pears as a thank-you gift.

I have a wonderful office mate who brings me banana bread and cocoa on snowy days and makes me laugh. I’m lucky to have such a good friend at work.

My stick figure comics have been getting a lot of attention lately. Apparently born-again Christians like them. I don’t think they quite realize which side of the laughing-with / laughing-at line I’m on. (My laughter is more Horatian than Juvenalian, but still…)

I made a carrot cake that came out pretty well. I’m not generally very good with cakes, so this is an accomplishment.

We had some warmish days and some strong sunshine that gave us a little melting in the driveway. It was tremendously satisfying to go out with my new ice chopper and whack away at the crumbly bits.

Other than that, we’re hunkered down waiting for the winter to end.


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