November dinner: Best-Ever Curry Cookbook, Mridula Baljekar

This has been a long time coming, but here it is.

November’s dinner was a little different than usual. I normally like to make a three-course meal for our special dinners: an appetizer, a main course, and a desert. This book, though, is nothing but curries, so they’re all main courses. That’s what we did: a dinner with three curries and a big pot of basmati rice to serve them with. Here’s our three.

Chicken in cashew nut sauce. This is a mild curry from northern India, based on yogurt and ground cashews. The slightly sweet, creamy sauce in this one was a good contrast with the other two, stronger curries.

With local chicken and relatively local yogurt

With local chicken and relatively local yogurt

Rajma, or kidney bean curry. This was a strong, hearty vegetable curry that reminded me a lot of chilli.

Spicy and warm

Spicy and warm

Kalia, or fish in a tomato and onion sauce. I used one of our last batches of fish-share fish for this, a tail of monkfish that stood up well to the strong flavor of the sauce.

With locally-caught monkfish

With locally-caught monkfish

It was a nice variety of flavors and a good hot meal on a chilly late fall day.

A welcoming warm table

A welcoming warm table


One Response to “November dinner: Best-Ever Curry Cookbook, Mridula Baljekar”

  1. Lii Says:

    Very appetising! The chicken cashew one sounds dreamy :d.

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