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Mid-blizzard update

January 27, 2015

We’re in the middle of the storm now.  The snow has been coming down hard and steadily since yesterday.  With all the wind blowing the snow around it’s hard to be sure just how much has fallen, but it looks like we have about a foot and a half so far with more to come.

We decided we’re recovered enough to clear the snow on our own, so we’ve been doing that a little at a time.  We went out three times yesterday to clear off the driveway as the snow accumulated.  This morning we had a big job to clear off the night’s accumulation, then we’ve been keeping up with it every hour or two, pushing away what’s built up.  It’s a big job, but we find it easier to do it this way than try to muscle through a huge pile once it’s all fallen.

I’m expecting to hold classes tomorrow, although I’m sure a lot of students will be out.   The weather forecast shows three more storms coming in the next ten days, although so far none of them is predicted to drop more than a couple of inches.  We’ve had such a dry winter up to this point I was half hoping to get through to spring with minimal shoveling, but things are taking quite a turn now.

Still, all in all, we’re keeping warm and dry.  We’ll see this storm through, like all the others.


Flu and snow

January 25, 2015


We’re both sick. I got it first and probably gave it to E. Sorry about that. It feels like a flu, which feels pretty bad. I’ve been knocked pretty flat for the last couple of days. Today I’m starting to feel a little better– at least in the sense that feeling like you fell down four flights of stairs is better than feeling like you fell down five. I had to cancel classes on Friday. My next classes are on Wednesday, and I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be well enough by then, but that brings us to the next problem.

The next problem is snow. We got a few inches of it yesterday, but from Monday into Tuesday we’re expecting a storm to blow through and drop thirty inches or so. Normally, E and I can clear our driveway by ourselves, even after a dump that big, but when we’re both so weak from flu that getting out of bed is a challenge, that’s not going to happen. We’re looking into local companies that do snow removal, but with the storm still several days out it’s really hard to predict when they can be around the clear us out.

So, those are the things making life tough for us right now. It’s relly hard to see how the week ahead is going to go. We’ll get through, of course, one way or another. It’s just a question of how many more classes I will have to cancel, when we will get to the grocery store next, and how much this is all going to cost us in money, sweat, and time.

Ready for spring (semester)

January 14, 2015

I have finished writing up my syllabi and getting things posted online for the spring semester.  Now I can spend the next week doing all of the stuff that got put off while I was rushing to finish my syllabi.  This afternoon, for starters, we’re going furniture shopping.

November dinner: Best-Ever Curry Cookbook, Mridula Baljekar

January 7, 2015

This has been a long time coming, but here it is.

November’s dinner was a little different than usual. I normally like to make a three-course meal for our special dinners: an appetizer, a main course, and a desert. This book, though, is nothing but curries, so they’re all main courses. That’s what we did: a dinner with three curries and a big pot of basmati rice to serve them with. Here’s our three.

Chicken in cashew nut sauce. This is a mild curry from northern India, based on yogurt and ground cashews. The slightly sweet, creamy sauce in this one was a good contrast with the other two, stronger curries.

With local chicken and relatively local yogurt

With local chicken and relatively local yogurt

Rajma, or kidney bean curry. This was a strong, hearty vegetable curry that reminded me a lot of chilli.

Spicy and warm

Spicy and warm

Kalia, or fish in a tomato and onion sauce. I used one of our last batches of fish-share fish for this, a tail of monkfish that stood up well to the strong flavor of the sauce.

With locally-caught monkfish

With locally-caught monkfish

It was a nice variety of flavors and a good hot meal on a chilly late fall day.

A welcoming warm table

A welcoming warm table