Cake, colors, and computer

It was my birthday not long ago.  We had a nice lunch at home with some friends, one of whom (quite unexpectedly) brought a birthday cake, so I’m getting to have a multiple-cake birthday.  Whee!  In the afternoon we went to check out a fall festival sponsored by one of the local microbreweries.  It was in an interesting location on the grounds of a well-preserved colonial-era farm, but it turned out to be noisy, crowded, and not as interesting as we had hoped.  We walked around for a little bit, but in the end we just wanted to go; I didn’t even end up sampling any beers.

The fall colors are coming on.  A week ago it was only a few scattered trees here and there; now it’s starting to be everywhere, although there’s still plenty of green.  The colors seem particularly vivid this year.  Maybe that’s an effect of the weird up-and-down summer we had.  In any case, it makes my commute a lot prettier.

The bad news lately is that my main computer crapped out on me the day after my birthday.  I have a secondary computer I can do essential things with and of course I have the critical files backed up, but it throws me off to not have all the things I’m used to.  I finally found a place to send it out for repair and it’s supposed to be coming back to me in a few days.  I can’t wait to have the familiar keyboard under my fingers again.

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