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Summer accomplishments

August 30, 2014

This summer, I have:
– Finished hanging plywood on the exposed ceiling and wall of the basement.
– Scraped, sanded, and repainted the back door frame.
– Hung a clothing bar in the bedroom.
– Replaced a broken cabinet door in the kitchen.
– Cleaned out the water traps in the kitchen and bathroom.
– Fixed the loose kitchen faucet.
– Replaced a faulty carbon monoxide detector in the basement.
– Fixed the bad wiring in my installation of the carbon monoxide detector which had cut off power to the water heater.

I would feel better about myself if most of these things hadn’t been sitting on the to-do list for a year or more, but at least it is good to know that I actually can fix the things that need it around the house. I’m still nervous doing anything that involves electricity or water, but I’ve managed some of both this summer and that’s a good feeling.


New in town

August 23, 2014

We used to have a favorite local restaurant in town. There was nothing terribly special about it, but it was good grub that we could walk to. The place folded over a year ago and we’ve missed being able to walk out for dinner and a beer. The building has sat untouched all this time.

Earlier this summer we saw people starting to work on the building and soon it was announced that a new restaurant was going to move in. We eagerly waited all summer to see what would come in. A couple of weeks ago, with very little fanfare, the place opened. (We had been expecting an announcement or a banner out front or something, but one day they just opened the front door and that was it.) We’ve been in a couple of times so far, once for dinner and once for brunch. So far, we are very impressed. The menu is a little pricier than we would really like, but the food is excellent. We’d have to go a long way to find anything as good. We’re especially excited that they offer sushi, as one of the very few things we have missed from New York is good sushi nearby.

We may have found a new favorite hangout. I hope this place manages to stay afloat.


August 14, 2014

E and I had a bad run of insomnia recently. For a while we were alternating: one night I couldn’t sleep, then the next night she couldn’t, then back to me, and so on. We’ve both slept well for a few nights now, so hopefully the thing is over with. We can’t figure out what it was that was keeping us up, either.

Construction on the new house down the road is going on. The foundation has been poured and they’re starting to build the first floor. A couple of days ago, when I was out for my pre-lunch swim, I met the lady of the couple who are building the house, who was out on the pond in a canoe. We chatted a little bit and she seems pleasant.

Yesterday I spent a delightful day in the ktichen. I made korvapuusteja (Finnish cinnamon rolls) and started a batch of metheglin (mead flavored with herbs). The honey came from a local farm and I used sweet fern and lemon balm from our back yard for flavor.

We just did a big rearrangement of the house, shifting some furniture and some spaces around. The big goal was the make E’s office work better for her now that she’s in business, but we also changed some other parts of the house as well. One nice thing is that I now how a little space to work in E’s office, too, so that we can keep each other company.


August 1, 2014

This, believe it or not, is a cucumber.

Lemon cuke

Lemon cuke

It’s a “lemon” cucumber, an heirloom variety that I planted this spring. The vines have been cheerfully exploring the back yard all summer and now they are producing the first harvest. This was the first cumber to come ripe and I picked it and sliced it up to have with lunch today.

It is a little tough-skinned, but maybe I picked this one a few days early. We’ll see what the rest are like. It’s juicy and mild and it tastes like summer.