Noise next door

Two house lots were recently carved out of the large property next to us and sold, one on our side of the road and one on the other. We’ve been dreading the start of construction, and now the day has come. Yesterday, we were woken early by chain saws and wood chippers running at the far lot. The noise continued today. They’ve taken down a number of trees and are now loading the logs onto a truck, so with any luck they’re done with the cutting. We have lots of noise still to come, if the construction is about to begin. We are not looking forward to the rest of the summer, especially if they’re going to keep starting up in the wee hours.

(Okay, it was 8 when they started. I know that’s not early for some people, but for us, especially in the summer, it is. And it’s especially noticeable in this neighborhood which is usually so quiet. I felt bad a couple of days ago for starting the lawn mower at quarter of ten.)


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