Summer weather

We’ve just come down from the first heat wave of the season, which was broken by the first hurricane of the season. It’s been a quite week in Lake Woebegone…

I spent most of June editing an article and preparing for fall classes. I’ve now sent the article out and am waiting for the rejection letters to start rolling in, and my preparation for fall is largely done, leaving the rest of the summer open for other projects. I’m glad I got the work done early since it’s been too hot to concentrate for the past few days. We still talk about maybe getting air conditioning one of these years. So far we’ve decided that we’d rather deal with the heat than deal with AC, but we might yet change our minds one of these summers.

The pond has gotten very low. When I take off for my morning swim I have to wade through the plants I usually swim over just to get into water deep enough to start swimming.

The peas and cucumbers I planted earlier in the summer are both starting to flower. I’m hopeful that we’ll have a harvest before long.


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