Almost done

Classes are over and the other business of the semester is wrapping up. Last week I spent more time in meetings than in class. Now I have a full week of not having to be on campus and it’s great. I still have a bunch of final projects and final exams still to come in and be graded, two graduation ceremonies to attend, and a big department meeting to wrap it all up, but the end is in sight.

It was a rough semester. I had some problem students and some difficult days in class. The weather just made things worse as we had a long winter than just wouldn’t go away and spring has been cold, wet, and slow to get moving. I’m always tired at the end of the semester, but this spring has been particularly exhausting.

The bright spot of the spring is getting tenure. I expected that achieving tenure would feel good, but I’m still surprised at how much it has changed my outlook. For years now I’ve had the thought always in my mind: “I ought to serve on this committee / apply to this conference / write this article / teach in this program / etc. because it will look good on my tenure application.” Now that’s gone. Now I feel more clear-headed and less conflicted about doing the things I care about and bowing out of the things I don’t.

I have few big plans for the summer. I mean to send out an article and work on preparing a book manuscript and looking for a publisher. I have the usual work of preparing for fall classes. I’m going to try growing peas and cucumbers out back and see if I can get some fruit off the trees this year. I will definitely be visiting Maine (though we’ve decided not to go to Finland). Right now, though, I just need to take some time to sleep, cook, write fiction, play games, be with E, and the other things that help restore my energy, because this spring has wiped me out.


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