Back from vacation

We’re back from a week in the sunny southwest.  Our body clocks are pretty screwed up right at the moment from hopping time zones, an overnight flight, and, for what it’s worth, daylight savings.  So, just a short note now, further details to follow after we’ve slept for a couple of days.

Some random observations on Las Vegas and the surrounding area:

– The landscape of the southwest is amazing, and amazingly varied, too.  We took excursions north, south, east, and west of our base in Las Vegas and every time we saw something new and incredible.

– At that elevation, for people used to sea level like us, even a gentle walk takes the wind out of you.

– After a winter like this, it is impossible to describe how good it feels to spend a week in a place where you can just walk outside in a t-shirt and shorts.

– When there’s no trees, you can see for miles.

– Despite the lack of trees, the desert is surprisingly green.  Being the ignorant northerner that I am, I expected the desert to be just rock and sand, but in most places it was full of sagebrush, agave, cacti, and other plants I couldn’t identify.  It was always a muted, khaki kind of green, but green nonetheless.

– The Las Vegas strip is about as busy, noisy, bizarre, and ultimately boring as you would expect.  We went poking around out of curiosity, but it’s not our scene.

We had a very good trip, but we’re happy to be home.  Look for more details and pictures soon.


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