February thaw

We had three snowstorms in a week, and that was quite enough!  We ran out of places to put the snow and our driveway got very narrow, bordered by snowbanks high enough to overtop the car.

One day last week, we were in the middle of a snowstorm and I had an evening class to teach.  I was watching the university announcements page hoping to see them cancel classes, but nothing showed up.  I could have (and, in retrospect, should have) called in to say that I couldn’t make it to campus, regardless of whether classes were being held or not, but I can be stubborn when it comes to holding class, so instead I gave myself plenty of time and headed out in the midst of the storm.  It took me two hours to drive what is usually a 45-minute commute and I saw cars off the road and power lines down all along the way.  Well, turns out that the university announced a class cancellation just half an hour after I left home, so I had a four-hour drive in the worst road conditions I’ve ever driven on all for nothing.  I was not very happy when I got home, but a relaxing sauna with E helped.

Now we’re enjoying a short warm spell.  We’ve had temperatures in the 40s for a few days and there’s been a nice amount of melting.  I’ve been out in the driveway a lot today, partly to help break up the ice and encourage the melting, but mostly because it’s been so nice to be outside in the sunshine.


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