2014 dinners: cookbooks

After the rather challenging color theme we followed in 2013, we’re taking something a little less perplexing this year. We have lots of cookbooks in the kitchen that I don’t use very much, so this year we’re picking one cookbook each month and making our monthly dinner using recipes from the book that I haven’t made before.

Since we had to shift our December dinner to January, we’re starting our year in February.

February: The Finnish Cookbook, Beatrice Ojakangas

March: Complete Indian Cooking

April: Cooking Down East, Marjorie Standish

May: The Classical Cookbook, Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger

June: The Viking Cookbook

July: The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook, Pam Hoenig, and Chocolate Ecstasy, Christine France

August: Louhisaari Castle Household Recipes, Joni Kuurne

September: Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England, Mary Savelli

October: Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi

November: Best-Ever Curry Cookbook, Mridula Baljekar


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