Spring semester update

We’re a few weeks into the spring semester and I’m very happy so far. It’s a little disorienting since this is the first time I’m teaching four different classes at the same time (before I’ve always had at least two sections of World History 1) but all of my classes are going very well. This semester’s interesting development is: ancient Greek. A group of students came to me last fall and asked me to teach them to read ancient Greek. With some help from the language department we got a class set up and I am now teaching elementary ancient Greek to a class of seven students. There were more people who expressed interest, but I’m glad to have ended up with a small class.

The introduction of the new core curriculum continues and that means lots of work for us to do in the department. Things are very unsettled right now as no one really knows which classes students are going to sign up for and which may end up getting canceled. It will probably take a few years for things to settle out and become more predictable.

The winter continues to buffet us. The pattern still holds that we get big dumps of snow followed by warm spells that melt most of it away. Today we’re in the middle of another big storm. I expect to spend the late afternoon and early evening shoveling. E. and I have both gotten very busy with work and not had a lot of time for each other lately, but we’ve planned a little getaway in the spring that should give us a nice break.

I have a batch of farmhouse blueberry ale bubbling in the carboy right now. I used some of my new equipment from Christmas and it made the brewing process quicker and easier. Last night I made baked mahi-mahi with a soy-ginger glaze, rice, and green beans; tonight I’m going to make a pot of chilli to warm us up after flinging snow around. And life at Heather House goes on.


2 Responses to “Spring semester update”

  1. Lii Says:

    Life goes on, and life is good. I’m excited about your ancient Greek class! 🙂

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