We had a late flight from Oulu to Helsinki. A strange observation on this trip: the American airport security regime has suddenly relaxed a lot, but European airports are still doing the full song and dance. I never thought I’d have an easier time going through security in Boston than in Oulu.

We spent several happy days hanging around Helsinki and spending a lot of time with Lissu. We indulged in some of our favorite Finnish cuisine (pizza and kebab), got to see where Lissu works, and E spent some time catching up with old friends. This was a working vacation for me since we had to fit the trip into the semester break, so I also spent some time just on my own working on my spring syllabi and writing an article.

While we were in Finland, we kept hearing about the awful weather in the States. The Finnish news was showing pictures from New York and Boston of multiple feet of snow. We tried to find out about conditions in Georgetown and couldn’t get a snowfall total for the town, but surrounding towns were reporting up to two feet of snow. We had prepared for the possibility of having to dig our way in and had packed a couple of shovels in the trunk of the car (we left it parked in a long-term lot near the airport). When we arrived back in Boston, however, the ground was nearly bare. Even up in Georgetown, which tends to be a shade colder and snowier than Boston or Salem, there was barely a trace. Our driveway was a little icy and slushy, but nothing we couldn’t drive through.

We had a lovely trip to Finland and I’m glad we went. No matter how good the trip, though, it’s always nice to get home.


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