Insomniac shoveling

We got another burst of snow yesterday. Not quite as much as the last storm, but a good 4 more inches of powder. We were planning on starting our day today with shoveling since the weather is predicted to warm up and we’d rather move the snow when it’s snow than when it’s soggy wet glop.

Then last night I had another bout of insomnia. I do think I slept for maybe an hour, but then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep (not my usual pattern; once I get to sleep I usually stay asleep). After lying awake for many long hours, I finally got up around quarter past four. I figured I might as well go get a start on shoveling so I bundled up and headed out.

Around six, E. turned up and joined me. It seems she wasn’t sleeping well, either. So, bleary and cold in the pale dawn light, we cleared snow together. When all was done, we had a lovely warm sauna, then I cooked us some bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The world outside is beautiful and wintry white now. The run of warm weather we’re expecting in the next few days will probably mean a lot of melting, but I’m sure we’ll still have snow for Christmas.


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