We just had out first serious snowstorm of the winter. We had a little snow on the ground from some light dustings, but this past weekend brought us 6-8 inches of the stuff. The woods behind our house are now beautiful with every branch lined in white. It looks like the weather is going to stay cold, so we should be keeping this snow for Christmas. Whee!

E. and I were out shoveling for the first time yesterday afternoon. The snow was mostly light powder, though it had a bit of an icy crust on top, so fortunately the shoveling was not too demanding. One of our neighbors with a snowblower also came and helped us out with the driveway. It took us a couple of hours to clear everything. I’m sure the day will come when we’ll want to get a snowblower (provided we can find one that can navigate our garage), but for now there is some satisfaction to knowing that we can get by with shovels (and kind neighbors).

Classes ended last week and I am in the midst of final grading. I’m through most of it, but I still have a few paper-filled days to look forward to this week.


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