November dinner: silver and gray

When I first began thinking about this year’s color theme, I expected that November, with the colors silver and gray, would be the most difficult, and I was not wrong. Some previous months have been difficult, but I usually had at least one color I could fall back on. Coming up with foods that are either silver or gray was a big challenge. Given that, I think it worked out reasonably well.

Silver and gray was also a challenge for E. in decorating the table, but as always she rose to the occasion.


Some of our Christmas decorations making an early appearance

Our main course was whole rainbow trout, accompanied by mashed potatoes and grilled mushrooms. The cooking dulled the silver sheen of the fish scales, but it still came out looking nice.


The mushrooms started out gray, but cooked up more brown

For dessert I made white chocolate pudding.

More white than gray, but at least in the right direction

More white than gray, but at least in the right direction

Since the days have gotten short and dark, we’ve moved the dinner from evening to midday for purposes of photography. Later that day I picked the remaining fish and made some yummy fishcakes.


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