Tenure committee

As most of you now know, I was interviewed by the tenure committee earlier this week. I knew I had strong support from the department behind me and I wasn’t very worried going into the interview, but there was some unavoidable nervousness.

It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. The members of the committee were are very warm and welcoming. They asked me questions about my teaching which I was only too happy to answer. I have put a lot of thought into my approach to teaching and there was quite a lot that I could say about it. After talking with me for about twenty minutes they ushered me out of the room and talked to the department chair, then they briefly deliberated among themselves before calling me in and saying that they had voted unanimously to recommend me for tenure.

This is not quite the final word. I still have to interview with the provost and the paperwork has to go up the chain to the president and the board of trustees, but the fact that this step of the process went so well leads me to think that I don’t have much to worry about in the rest of it.

A couple of my colleagues in the department took me out for a drink afterwards, then when I got home, E. took me out for a celebratory lobster. I do feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For the past five years, I haven’t really feared that I might not get tenure, but it has been the Big Thing on my mind. I’ve worried about the possibility of not getting tenure, much like I worry about getting into a car accident or a campus shooting. There will still be some lingering what-if worrying until I get the official letter sometime in the spring, but for now it is something I can put out of my mind.


One Response to “Tenure committee”

  1. Lii Says:

    Well done, congratulations!

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