October highlights

Here are some of the things I haven’t been posting about in the past month because I’ve been so busy doing them:

– My tenure portfolio is now submitted.  I am now waiting for the tenure hearing to be scheduled, not sure if it will come this semester or next.  My more senior colleagues in the department assure me that tenure should not be a problem for me, but I will be a bit stressed out about it until it is all over.

– I presented a paper at the fall conference of the New England Historical Association.  I had a good time at the conference, even though only a small handful of people came to my session.  I’m thinking about giving another paper at the spring conference and working on a sexier title.

– A group of students has asked me to teach them to read ancient Greek.  I put a sign-up sheet outside my office door and ended up getting 17 people on the list.  I’m working with the language department to set up an independent tutorial for me to teach in the spring.  I haven’t done much work in Greek for quite some time, so it will be good for me, too.

– I brewed a batch of pumpkin stout using the pumpkins from our garden.  It’s sitting in the bottles now, to be opened and tasted in a week, but I have a good feeling about it.

– Our tomato plants keep producing, even this late into the season.  I just went out and picked all the green tomatoes, since we’re getting warnings of night frost, and put them in a bowl with some apples.  Hopefully they’ll ripen and we can enjoy fresh tomatoes fora few more weeks.

– The leaves were slow to turn and not very colorful this fall.  Most are now down on the ground, although there’s still a nice yellow band through the woods out back.  E. started raking already (bless her).  Soon we’ll have to get the lawn properly cleaned up for winter.


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