New in the neighborhood

A couple of hawks seem to have taken up residence in our woods.  We still haven’t seen them, but we often hear the cry.  They can be very loud and persistent.  Maybe we have a couple fighting over territory, or one defending a nest.  They seem to have scared the wild turkeys away, but surprisingly we still see get the rabbits coming to visit, even in broad daylight.

We sometimes hear the bat in the evening, which we are very happy for.  It doesn’t seem to be nesting in our attic this year, which we also appreciate, but we don’t know where it is hanging out in the daytime.  We’d like to encourage it to stay around, so we may try a bathouse.

Our neighbor up the road is selling his house.  He’s split off two additional house lots to sell separately, one of them right next to us.  If the price were good enough, we’d consider buying the lot next to ours just to preserve the woods, but so far he’s asking more than we care to spend.


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