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August dinner: yellow and orange

August 29, 2013

Yellow and orange are not bad colors to end the summer on. I was able to get a lot of produce from our local farms into this month’s dinner, which is always nice.

E.'s summery table setting

E.’s summery table setting

On the subject of produce from local farms, this pair of carrots came from one of those farms. Aw, they’re in love.

And they called it carrot lo-o-o-ove...

And they called it carrot lo-o-o-ove…

For an appetizer we had a simple tomato salad. I chopped some fresh local tomatoes and drizzled them with a little olive oil and vinegar.

Tomato salad, made with heirloom yellow tomatoes from a local farm

Tomato salad, made with heirloom yellow tomatoes from a local farm

The main course was an orange ginger chicken stir fry with carrots, summer squash, and yellow pepper. I served this with turmeric-spiced rice.

Chicken and summer vegetable stir fry

Chicken and summer vegetable stir fry

For dessert I made a Finnish-style pancake and a fruit sauce of oranges and local peaches.

Pancake with fruit sauce

Pancake with fruit sauce

Another yummy monthly dinner. One of the pleasures of this project is that it gets me thinking creatively about my cooking and trying things I wouldn’t have thought to try otherwise. Not everything always comes out well, but I make enough good discoveries that I think I’m expanding my repertoire.



August 26, 2013

The seasons are starting to change, but it feels like we still have some summer left.  The blueberries are long gone and we’ve had the last of the raspberries, too.  There are three pumpkins growing in the pumpkin patch.  One may be too small to amount to anything before the frost comes, but I have hopes for two of them.  Our tomatoes are doing very well.  We have lots of little green globes and the first one has begun to turn red.  In a week or so I expect to be enjoying fresh tomatoes off the vine.

Water level

August 20, 2013

We’ve been having warm, sunny weather lately, which usually means the water level of the pond will go down, but the level has actually been staying high and even going up.  I’ve looked at maps and haven’t seen a dam anywhere along the watercourse, so it seems to be a natural event.  There must be some flow coming down from farther upstream to fill us up.  Whatever it is, I’m happy for it.  A higher water level means clearer water, fewer weeds grabbing at my legs, and a more pleasant morning swim experience in general.

New in the neighborhood

August 9, 2013

A couple of hawks seem to have taken up residence in our woods.  We still haven’t seen them, but we often hear the cry.  They can be very loud and persistent.  Maybe we have a couple fighting over territory, or one defending a nest.  They seem to have scared the wild turkeys away, but surprisingly we still see get the rabbits coming to visit, even in broad daylight.

We sometimes hear the bat in the evening, which we are very happy for.  It doesn’t seem to be nesting in our attic this year, which we also appreciate, but we don’t know where it is hanging out in the daytime.  We’d like to encourage it to stay around, so we may try a bathouse.

Our neighbor up the road is selling his house.  He’s split off two additional house lots to sell separately, one of them right next to us.  If the price were good enough, we’d consider buying the lot next to ours just to preserve the woods, but so far he’s asking more than we care to spend.