Cooler weather

We’ve been enjoying some cooler weather. Its still warm, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable.  It’s very pleasant to be able to move around the house without getting sweaty.

We’ve started referring to the turkey hen with five chicks as “Henrietta.” Henrietta’s chicks are getting big. They’re eating some of our raspberries, but we enjoy watching them and they also eat the Japanese beetles, so we’ve decided to let them have a few berries.

My pumpkin plants are thriving and we have a handful of tiny green pumpkins starting to grow.

We’re coming to the end of the first 8-week season of the fish share and have signed up for the next 8 weeks. The organization seems to be growing and adding more customers, which is very encouraging. Everything we’ve gotten from them has been wonderful.

I’m working on my tenure package, my syllabi for the fall, and a new article. It’s a lot to juggle, but at least when I get bored or burned out with one thing I can switch to something else. E. is hard at work on her business and there should be good news to share soon.

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