Heat wave

We’ve had a run of unbearably hot weather lately. Daytime highs have been in the low to mid nineties and the nights have not been much better. The humidity has also been awful, making things that much worse.

We’ve done what we can to cope with the weather. We open windows in the evening to let in the cooler air, then keep them shut during the day. We’ve set up the futon and an air mattress in the living room to sleep on since its a few dergees cooler downstairs than up. On some of the worst days we’ve escaped the house to go to the movies or go shopping, wherever we can find air conditioning. We’ve seen Joss Whedon’s Much Ado about Nothing, the new Pixar movie Monsters University, and the Superman reboot Man of Steel. (I heartily recommend Much Ado. It’s a great example of what you can do with limited technical resources– shot in 12 days all in Whedon’s home– but a group of fantastic actors. Nathan Fillion as Dogberry is a special treat.)

When I last went up to New Hampshire to pick up our weekly fish I spotted an L. L. Bean outlet store on my route. On one hot day we made a trip up there to do some shopping. I picked up some shorts and some pants and both of us had some things that needed returning.

On July 4th a couple of ladies in the neighborhood hosted a community cookout. It was one of the very hot days, but we turned up. It was a small gathering in the end, but it included some of the people in the neighborhood that we like so it was nice to see them and share some good food.

There is a turkey hen with a brood of five chicks who have all been visiting our yard on a regular basis, despite the heat. Yesterday we saw both them and two more hens, one of whom had her own brood of chicks. They will come right up to the house and give us a good view. It has been such fun to watch them.

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