Green pop

We had several warmish, dry weeks at the end of April and beginning of May when the flowers started blooming and the trees began to put out little leaf buds, but everything seemed to be taking its time getting into the swing of spring. Then this past weekend we had a couple of rainy days and suddenly the leaves have all popped out and everything is green. It’s beautiful.

Green grass, green woods

I have just finished my final grading and submitted grades. Later this week I have a couple of graduation ceremonies to attend. At the end of the month we’re having a big departmental meeting to talk about the coming changes to the curriculum, but things are finally winding down for the semester. I’m looking forward to taking a little time off before getting down to the business of getting ready for the fall.


2 Responses to “Green pop”

  1. pj Says:

    That happened here, too. Suddenly green, green, green. And lots of blossoms. Lake water temps in the 60’s. N. is swimming almost daily–crazy man!

  2. Lii Says:

    Same here, though it sounds like we’ve been getting a little more rain than you guys. I *love* all this green!

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