Boston bombing

I was working outside on Monday afternoon, raking old leaves off the lawn in the spring sunshine.  I had just gotten in and was getting ready to have dinner when E. called from work and told me about the bombing at the marathon.  It was about an hour after the incident.  I turned on the radio and listened to the coverage.  It was very early and there wasn’t a lot of information, but I wanted to hear whatever I could.  Apart from going to swim in the evening, I kept the radio on for the rest of the evening until E. got home.

On Tuesday I talked with all of my classes a little bit about what had happened.  Several of my students had been in the are and one was actually running in the marathon and I wanted to give them all a chance to tell their stories.  Some people were shaken up, but I think it was good to get back into class and get their minds on something else for a little while.

E. and I don’t have many friends or contacts who were in the area, but we’ve been getting in touch and hearing from people.  So far, everyone we know is okay, which is a comfort.

It’s been a couple of days now.  After lots of rumors and speculation in the early hours, solid news is now trickling out little by little, but there is still so little we know for sure about what happened and why.  I keep going back to check the news and see if there are any answers.  I advised my students to be patient, to let the answers come out as the come, not to believe rumors or rush to conclusions, but it’s not easy advice to take.

Hoping that everyone else out there is okay.


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