Catching up on March

The end of March went by in a blur. I had scheduled myself a lot of work to do over spring break, and we also planned a trip down to Virginia. I had figured that I could work hard for most of spring break then enjoy a couple of days off visiting with Kris and Dan and assorted kitties, but it didn’t work out that way. I got as much done as I could before our trip, then when we got back I had to jump right back into it and had hardly any time to spare for a couple of weeks as I desperately tried to keep up.

Now things have calmed down a little bit, so here are some highlights from the latter half of March:

– As mentioned, E. and I took a trip. First we went to New York City for a day so that E. could go to the Finnish consulate and renew her passport. (We had to go to New York because the new passports include biometric data and the Boston consulate doesn’t have the machinery to take the necessary fingerprint readings.) Of course, we took the opportunity to have a big lunch at Pisticci. Then we went down to Charlottesville for a weekend. We had a nice relaxing time with Kris and Dan and enjoyed a lot of good food and good company. One day we paid a visit to the book fair and then caught a play in Staunton. The next we did a tour of some of the area breweries, including a cidery and a meadery, which was all very enjoyable.
– We came home into the last big snowstorm of the season. (So far. Fingers crossed.) This winter has really dragged on. We’ve had a few warm days, but it has stayed cold and snowy quite late. Still, there are some definite signs of spring around. The ice on the pond disappeared over a couple of days last weekend. Most of the snow has melted from our yard. We’ve seen squirrels, ladybugs, frogs, and rabbits around. The daylight is now lasting until after 7 in the evening.
– I have brewed my second batch of homebrew with the new gear and it came out very nicely. It’s a vanilla porter, a lovely dark, rich, malty beer with just a hint of spice to it. We have two boxes full of bottles now, from this batch and the last one, so I’ll hold off on doing any more brewing for a little while. I am so happy with the new equipment, though, it really makes a difference.


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