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March dinner: green and yellow

April 28, 2013

Spring and fall are always busy times for me, and this spring was no different, but we still found time for a special dinner in March.


A green and yellow table

A green and yellow table for spring

The colors for March are green and yellow, which offer a lot of possibilities. The main course was a boiled cabbage wedge served with hollandaise sauce. Alongside that we had skewers of grilled zucchini and summer squash.

Cabbage wedges with hollandaise sauce and grilled vegetables

Cabbage wedges with hollandaise sauce and grilled vegetables

Dessert was lemon and lime squares with candied citrus slices.

Lemon and lime bars

Lemon and lime bars


Boston bombing

April 17, 2013

I was working outside on Monday afternoon, raking old leaves off the lawn in the spring sunshine.  I had just gotten in and was getting ready to have dinner when E. called from work and told me about the bombing at the marathon.  It was about an hour after the incident.  I turned on the radio and listened to the coverage.  It was very early and there wasn’t a lot of information, but I wanted to hear whatever I could.  Apart from going to swim in the evening, I kept the radio on for the rest of the evening until E. got home.

On Tuesday I talked with all of my classes a little bit about what had happened.  Several of my students had been in the are and one was actually running in the marathon and I wanted to give them all a chance to tell their stories.  Some people were shaken up, but I think it was good to get back into class and get their minds on something else for a little while.

E. and I don’t have many friends or contacts who were in the area, but we’ve been getting in touch and hearing from people.  So far, everyone we know is okay, which is a comfort.

It’s been a couple of days now.  After lots of rumors and speculation in the early hours, solid news is now trickling out little by little, but there is still so little we know for sure about what happened and why.  I keep going back to check the news and see if there are any answers.  I advised my students to be patient, to let the answers come out as the come, not to believe rumors or rush to conclusions, but it’s not easy advice to take.

Hoping that everyone else out there is okay.

Good health

April 15, 2013

E. and I went to the doctor for our yearly check-ups back in February. The lab reports came back saying my blood sugar was a little high, so they wanted me to come back and give another sample to test for signs of diabetes. I went in last week and gave some more blood. The tests came back showing everything normal. I had probably just eaten a bit much the evening before the previous test. (I do often like to have a bigger evening snack after coming back from a swim.) So, everything seems okay for now, I’ll just have to try and keep it that way.

Catching up on March

April 3, 2013

The end of March went by in a blur. I had scheduled myself a lot of work to do over spring break, and we also planned a trip down to Virginia. I had figured that I could work hard for most of spring break then enjoy a couple of days off visiting with Kris and Dan and assorted kitties, but it didn’t work out that way. I got as much done as I could before our trip, then when we got back I had to jump right back into it and had hardly any time to spare for a couple of weeks as I desperately tried to keep up.

Now things have calmed down a little bit, so here are some highlights from the latter half of March:

– As mentioned, E. and I took a trip. First we went to New York City for a day so that E. could go to the Finnish consulate and renew her passport. (We had to go to New York because the new passports include biometric data and the Boston consulate doesn’t have the machinery to take the necessary fingerprint readings.) Of course, we took the opportunity to have a big lunch at Pisticci. Then we went down to Charlottesville for a weekend. We had a nice relaxing time with Kris and Dan and enjoyed a lot of good food and good company. One day we paid a visit to the book fair and then caught a play in Staunton. The next we did a tour of some of the area breweries, including a cidery and a meadery, which was all very enjoyable.
– We came home into the last big snowstorm of the season. (So far. Fingers crossed.) This winter has really dragged on. We’ve had a few warm days, but it has stayed cold and snowy quite late. Still, there are some definite signs of spring around. The ice on the pond disappeared over a couple of days last weekend. Most of the snow has melted from our yard. We’ve seen squirrels, ladybugs, frogs, and rabbits around. The daylight is now lasting until after 7 in the evening.
– I have brewed my second batch of homebrew with the new gear and it came out very nicely. It’s a vanilla porter, a lovely dark, rich, malty beer with just a hint of spice to it. We have two boxes full of bottles now, from this batch and the last one, so I’ll hold off on doing any more brewing for a little while. I am so happy with the new equipment, though, it really makes a difference.