Time to talk

The university is in the midst of a huge project to reconsider the courses that all students are required to take.  This will have a huge impact on the history department, since teaching some of those required courses has been a significant part of our role in the university.  We are now at a point where our department has to make some decisions about what kind of courses we want to offer.  It’s exciting to be in a position to start fresh, but it’s also a little scary to have to really rethink what we want our students’ experience in a history course to be.  It’s a good exercise to go through, but it’s also hard and it takes a lot of talking to each other, something we don’t have a lot of time for.  Yesterday we made some time to talk amongst ourselves and with a visiting historian from another university who helped give us an outside perspective and it was really helpful.  We have a lot more to talk about, but I think we’re making progress.


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