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Snow comes and snow goes

March 9, 2013

We got slammed by a snowstorm that started a few days ago and really took hold in the early hours of yesterday morning.  Up until noon yesterday, the snow was coming down thick and being whipped around by the wind.  After midday things calmed down.  I took a ruler out on the back deck and measured a foot of snow.  Today the sun is shining bright out of a clear blue sky and the temperature is rising.  I checked the back deck again when we came down this morning and we’ve lost 2-1/2 inches of snow already.  If the weather keeps up like this, most of what fell will be gone before long.  Fortunately, E. and I both just started our spring break, so we don’t have to go anywhere any time soon if we don’t want to.


Time to talk

March 2, 2013

The university is in the midst of a huge project to reconsider the courses that all students are required to take.  This will have a huge impact on the history department, since teaching some of those required courses has been a significant part of our role in the university.  We are now at a point where our department has to make some decisions about what kind of courses we want to offer.  It’s exciting to be in a position to start fresh, but it’s also a little scary to have to really rethink what we want our students’ experience in a history course to be.  It’s a good exercise to go through, but it’s also hard and it takes a lot of talking to each other, something we don’t have a lot of time for.  Yesterday we made some time to talk amongst ourselves and with a visiting historian from another university who helped give us an outside perspective and it was really helpful.  We have a lot more to talk about, but I think we’re making progress.