The blizzard of 2013

The weather forecasts began predicting snow about a week ago. Day by day the forecast accumulation amount got bigger and bigger. We had some forecasts of big snowfalls earlier in the season which turned out to be duds, so people were a little skeptical of this one, but by Thursday night it seemed pretty clear that a serious storm was on the way.

The snow began Friday in the late morning. It started out as a light sprinkle, but before long it was coming down thick and heavy, driven by strong gusts of wind out of the east. It’s not unusual to see such heavy snowfall for a short time, but this went on unabating for hours and hours. By nightfall, it was getting even thicker with no sign of letting up.

We spent the day cozily inside, enjoying our weekend. We had a sauna in the afternoon and watched the snow keep falling. We were prepared for a power outage, but apart from one quick flicker, it stayed on with no problems. The snowplows kept rumbling by on the road every hour or so.

When we got up on Saturday morning it was still coming down just as heavy as ever, and the snow kept on coming through the morning. Finally in the afternoon it began to taper off and by around two it was all over. We got our winter gear on and headed down to start shoveling the driveway. Our neighbors very kindly helped us out with their snowblowers, but even so it was tough going. All told we had about two feet of snow, with drifts and banks of three or more feet.

On Sunday, the sun came out strong and the temperatures eked about freezing, so we saw a fair amount of melting at the edges, but it is going to take a lot more to melt away all the snow that we got in two days.

Our front, a view up the path through the snow

Our front, a view up the path through the snow

Looking out from the front porch

Looking over the back yard, towards our blueberry enclosures

Looking over the back yard, towards our blueberry enclosures



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