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January 23, 2013

The latest accomplishment from the kitchen: homemade olive and artichoke focaccia, just like I used to get at the farmers’ market in New York.

Half of this was my lunch today.

Half of this was my lunch today.

I had bad luck with bread for a while, but I think I’m starting to figure it out.  The stand mixer makes it a lot easier to experiment with ideas and techniques than when I had to knead everything by hand.



January 9, 2013

The snow is slowly disappearing as we keep having sunny days in the 40s F, but it’s still possible to follow the tracks in the snow.  The old path leading back through the woods from our back yard is a thoroughfare for deer, dogs, squirrels, and possibly a fox.  Squirrels and dogs have visited our compost bin.  Birds have been very busy in the bushes out front and something with little paws (either a fox or a small dog) has gone around and around one of our trees like it was chasing a woozel.

Several days ago there were people ice skating and snowmobiling on the pond.  I went poking down there with my walking poles and found the ice pretty solid– no gurgles or cracks when I stepped on and shuffled around.  After the past few days, I don’t think I would risk it.

Out and about

January 3, 2013

I’ve been busy in the past couple of days.

Yesterday, E. and I took our new walking poles out for a ramble in the woods. We went to the state forest in town and tromped the main trail, getting a feel for the poles. Both of us liked them. We talked about spending some more time walking and exploring the forest, possibly as a project for the spring. It’s not such a big place, but there are lots of little trails through it that we’ve never walked.

In the evening we went out for dinner, our official anniversary dinner (things get a bit too overfull right around Christmastime). We tried out a new place (to us), called Grog, in Newburryport. It’s clearly a locals’ hangout, a cozy old place with a huge beer list. We went with the intention of getting me a lobstah, but it turned out they had just changed their menu and it was no longer on offer. Oh well, what we had was still good and we intend to go back.

Today, I went south. Kris is in Boston for a conference, so we made plans to meet up for dinner. (Sadly, E. Couldn’t join us since she went back to work today. Boo.) I had to stop in and pick up some books from campus anyway, so I did that in the late afternoon and got the train down to Boston from Salem (which gave me some more options about schedule). We arranged to meet for dinner at a place roughly half way between North Station and Kris’s hotel. It was a very nice little place where we both had a good dinner. It was great to see her and just talk. Even though I saw her a couple weeks ago for Christmas and a month before for Thanksgiving, it was wonderful to just get to spend a couple of hours with her. We hardly see each other these days, so opportunities like this are well worth seizing.

Little visitors

January 2, 2013

Found these prints in the snow on the porch.  Somebody has been poking around.

Hop hop hop hop hop...

Hop hop hop hop hop…