Family gatherings

We celebrated Thanksgiving again this year the same way we did last year: E. and I hosted a dinner on Saturday. My folks and Theo came down from Maine, Kris and Dan came up from having Thanksgiving Thursday with Dan’s family in southern Massachusetts. It was really wonderful having everyone together again and the day went very well despite one small glitch.

In the midst of morning preparations, shortly before our guests began to arrive, we lost power for about an hour. It was a clear but windy day and we figure the wind must have knocked down branches somewhere up the line. The turkey was in the oven and nearly done, but I didn’t dare open the oven door to check it and let the hot air out. The other cooking was half done. But after about an hour, the power came back on, and when I checked the turkey it turned out it was perfectly done. We were able to finish everything up in plenty of time to serve.

Everyone’s contributions were very welcome. Kris and Dan brought a Virginia-made mead with them which was really delicious as a dessert drink. Theo made fancy apple crisp in the apples (yum). Mom and Dad brought the family cranberry pie and plum pudding, without which it wouldn’t feel properly like Thanksgiving.

It is such a delight to have Thanksgiving here, and it seems to work out well for everyone’s schedules as a way to get people together. Unless something changes, I expect we’ll be doing Thanksgiving this way for the foreseeable future.

Kris and Dan came back to spend some more time with us the next day. We went off to have a little walk in Crane Pond Woods, a nearby patch of conservation land that E. and I had explored a little bit before and wanted to go back and poke around a little more. Afterwards we went to see Lincoln and have dinner out. It was great getting to spend some more time with Kris and Dan; we don’t see nearly enough of them. We’re hoping to get down to Virginia this spring, though, and that will be good.

The following weekend, E. went for a quick trip to Finland for her youngest brother’s 30th birthday party. It was only a few days and she had to squeeze it in between nearly full work weeks, but I’m really glad she was able to go and be there. She got to see the latest addition to the extended family, our new nephew, only a few months old. It was lonely here without her, but I got busy and filled the time with schoolwork and housework.


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