In the ruins of Isengard

“’And you need not turn up your nose at the provender, Master Gimli,’ said Merry. ‘This is not orc-stuff, as Treebeard calls it. Will you have wine or beer? There’s a barrel inside there– very passable. And this is first-rate salted pork. Or I can cut you some rashers of bacon and broil them, if you like. I am sorry there is no green stuff: the deliveries have been rather interrupted in the last few days! I cannot offer you anything to follow but butter and honey for your bread. Are you content?”

October’s dinner was based on the meal made out of the remains of Saruman’s stores in the ruins of Isengard when Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were finally reunited with Merry and Pippin. It was a simple meal, but satisfying.

The main dish was a small ham, suggested by the mention of salted pork, cooked with apples. To that I added some sauteed carrots. Though Merry laments the lack of “green stuff,” it seemed reasonable to add some root vegetables, which would have lasted for a few days. That was accompanied by toasted bread with butter and cheese, along with some nuts and dried fruit. We drank some white wine to go with it all.

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