Waiting for Sandy

People hereabouts seem to be taking the threat of hurricane-cum-tropical-strom Sandy very seriously.  Events are being canceled, National Guard is on standby, E.’s school and mine have both canceled classes tomorrow.  I would have been heading in to campus for advising hours tomorrow, but we’ve been told to stay home.  So far we’ve seen rain and light winds, but whatever’s going to hit us is expected to hit during the day tomorrow.  We’ve made sure we have food, water, and firewood on hand, just in case anything serious comes of the storm.  We will see what tomorrow brings, though I’m not expecting much more than some heavy rain.

Halloween seems to bring out the freakish weather hereabouts.  Two years ago it was abnormally warm (I broke out t-shirts and shorts for a day); last year we had a snowstorm; this year it’s a hurricane.


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