A feast in the Golden Hall

“’This counsel seems good to me now,’ said Theoden. ‘Let all my folk get ready! But you my guests – truly you said, Gandalf, that the courtesy of my hall is lessened. You have ridden through the night, and the morning wears away. You have had neither sleep nor food. A guest-house shall be made ready: there you shall sleep, when you have eaten.’”

We have surprisingly little evidence to go on for the foods of Rohan, but what hints we have point to a cuisine not unlike that of the northern European peoples the Rohirrim are inspired by: grains, beef and dairy, durable root vegetables, fruits, berries, and honey. To make a contrast with the past several dinners cooked and served in the wild, I tried to imagine a royal feast in Theoden’s hall.

The table for our Rohan dinner

The first course was a simple rye porridge. One of the things I found curious in researching Rohan food is that although there is mention of grain, there is no mention of bread. Porridge is well known in traditional northern European cooking, especially in places where the locally-grown grain is a low-gluten type such as barley or rye.

Rye porridge. The recipe made much less than I expected, so the bowls were not as full as they should have been

The main course was braised beef with roasted root vegetables. The beef was braised for a long time with wine and finely-chopped vegetables, making for very tender and flavorful meat. The root vegetables, a mix of onion, carrot, potato, and turnip, roasted with herbs and a little butter and honey.

Braised beef and roasted vegetables

Dessert was a saffron and cream pancake, the recipe coming from medieval Sweden, served with apple compote.

Pancake for dessert, Scandinavian-style

E. set a wonderful table, as always. She found and printed out images of a gold, garnet, and blue glass Anglo-Saxon brooch to go under our glass plates and give the table a very appropriate touch of color.

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  1. Lii Says:

    Ah, the pancake sounds heavenly!

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